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February 2013 - Outland Camps to Build State of the Art Camp Facility for Manitoba Hydro

Outland Camps has been selected to build a state of the art camp facility for Manitoba Hydro near Gillam, Manitoba. On February 22nd, Outland and Manitoba Hydro executed a definitive contract to design, engineer, manufacture and install all components of the project. The signing ceremony took place at the Manitoba Hydro offices in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The project will consist of nominal 600 bedrooms, a gymnasium with a NBA size basketball court and climbing wall, two-storey core complex... Read More... »

January 2013 - Outland Employees Assist in Plane Crash Rescue

November 18th, 2012 is not a day those in Snow Lake will soon forget. It was a warm and foggy day when Cauline Armsworthy, manager of our camp in Snow Lake, MB, received a call informing her that the plane the crew had left in earlier had crashed and that they needed help. Several Outland employees volunteered to go to the crash site with 4x4 trucks through a makeshift trail to help the injured. When they arrived at the crash area, they were met by firemen and other rescue personnel. Outland volunteers... Read More... »

December 2012 - Outland Wins AFPA Safety Award

In a recent recognition ceremony at Jasper Park Lodge, AB, Doug Finamore (Regional Manager) and Andrew Walker (Operations Manager) accepted an award on behalf of Outland for Outstanding Achievement in Healthy and Safety. This award recognizes companies that have demonstrated long term improvement and maintenance of health and safety processes. This is the fourth year that Outland has been recognized and a recipient of an Alberta Safety Award. Through continuous improvement... Read more... »

Outland Camps has become a member of the Modular Building Institute (MBI), an international non-profit trade association. Using MBI clients looking for modular building services can access a list offsite construction services including dealers, manufacturers and associates committed to the highest standards of safety and quality.

September 2012 - Former Outland Supervisor Wins Bravery Award

Former Outland supervisor Dan Morrison, an Outland employee of 12 years, has been commended for his bravery after protecting a co-worker from an attacking bear last year. Morrison was doing a wildlife assessment near Armstrong, Ont. on Oct. 4, 2011, when he received call over the radio that a female co-worker had spotted a bear in the area. He couldn't get her on the radio so he tried to find her. When Morrison found his co-worker, the bear was on top of her. As he approached, the bear turned... Read More »